Our Mission

We believe that venture investing should be about more than just financial returns; it should also be about helping founders create a better future for themselves and their communities.
We combine the benefits of angel investment and venture capital into a more holistic approach. This includes giving counselling, making strategic introductions, as well as access to our global network.

Our Team

Armando Romeo

Armando is a global entrepreneur who bootstrapped a cybersecurity company with no capital at 26, growing it into a multi-million-dollar business serving Fortune 500-caliber clients and individuals in 150+ countries. In 2019 he sold his business to a top-tier U.S. private equity and founded Romeo Capital.
Founder and Managing Partner

Francesco Romeo

Francesco holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics from the University of Pisa. His passion for the startup ecosystem allowed him to join a Silicon Valley VC firm as an intern. There he had the opportunity to listen to young entrepreneurs' stories and watch these talented people turn their business visions into profitable startups. Today his goal is to find new talented founders and let them change the world.